15 Jun 2018 11:01

Surgutneftegas hopes to produce 5 mln-6 mln t of oil/year at Rogozhnikovskaya, Uvat, 9 mln-10 mln tpy in E. Siberia

MOSCOW. June 15 (Interfax) - Surgutneftegas has formed two new oil production centers in Western Siberia in recent years, the Rogozhnikovskaya and Uvat groups of fields, which accounted for about 8% of total oil production in 2017, the Russian oil company said in its annual report.

The Rogozhnikovskaya and Uvat groups are expected to produce about 5 million-6 million tonnes of oil per year in the medium term.

Surgutneftegas is also continuing to actively develop fields in Eastern Siberia, where production is growing annually and reached 9 million tonnes in 2017, or 14.8% of the company's total oil production.

The company invested 22.2 billion rubles in the development of fields in Eastern Siberia in 2017, and expects its oil production in the region to total about 9 million-10 million tonnes per year in the medium term.

Ten key fields now account for about 65% of the company's oil production: Fyodorovskoye, Severo-Labatyuganskoye, the central block of the Talakanskoye oil and gas condensate field, Lyantorskoye, Vostochno-Surgutskoye, Rogozhnikovskoye, Russkinskoye, Zapadno-Surgutskoye, Bystrinskoye and Severo-Talakanskoye.

Surgutneftegas put five new fields into operation in 2017: I.N. Logachev, Sakhalinskoye, Yuzhno-Konitlorskoye, A.V. Filipenko and Demyanskoye. The company plans to put another four new fields into operation in the next three years.

Surgutneftegas produced 9.9 billion cubic meters of associated petroleum gas (APG) and 0.1 bcm of natural gas in 2017. The company's APG recovery rate is one of the highest in the industry and amounted to 99.32% last year. This figure is achieved with the operation and development of existing infrastructure to collect and utilize gas, and construction of such infrastructure at new fields. The APG recovery rate was 100% in 2017 at 16 Surgutneftegas fields.

Surgutneftegas invested 199.2 billion rubles in the oil and gas production sector in 2017, of which 88.6% in Western Siberia, 11.2% in Eastern Siberia and 0.2% in the Timan-Pechora oil and gas province.