10 Jul 2018 16:43

Over 200 officials from Dagestan held responsible for conflict of interests, discrepancies between expenditures, incomes - Vasilyev

MOSCOW. July 10 (Interfax) - The leadership of Dagestan is clearing the ranks of officials; over 200 people have been held responsible for breaching the anti-corruption legislation on evidence from the prosecution, acting Dagestan head Vladimir Vasilyev said.

Vasilyev said at a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin that "this work is continuing" and promised that "we will have more order soon and the most important thing the funds, primarily the budget ones, will be used more efficiently."

"We are now clearing [the ranks of officials] and I don't mean criminal proceedings alone. You gave an order to the Prosecutor General's Office, the group did its work, 48 prosecutors, and over 200 violations [were detected]," the head of Dagestan told the president.

In Dagestan, "over 200 people were essentially held responsible on evidence from the prosecutor's office for conflict of interests, for discrepancies between expenditures and incomes," he said. "Some of them [were dismissed] on disciplinary grounds, some stepped down themselves, and some were punished," Vasilyev said.