13 Jul 2018 19:57

Former Spetsstroy deputy head Buryakov gets 5 years, fine for embezzling Defense Ministry funds

MOSCOW. July 13 (Interfax) - Moscow's Presnensky District Court has sentenced Alexander Buryakov, the former deputy head of the Federal Agency for Special Construction (Spetsstroy), to five years in a general-security penal colony and a fine of 600,000 rubles for embezzling state funds in the course of the construction and refurbishment of Defense Ministry facilities, an Interfax correspondent reported.

"Alexander Buryakov is found guilty of three counts of [...] massive fraud. Alexander Buryakov is sentenced to five years in a general-security penal colony and a fine of 600,000 rubles for his crimes," Judge Alexandra Avdotyina said.

The former official was also banned from holding positions in bodies of state or municipal authority for three years.

Buryakov, who was already under travel restrictions, was put under arrest. He was taken into custody in the courtroom.

According to earlier reports, the case was heard without a consideration of the evidence, as Buryakov admitted his guilt and made a deal with the investigators involving a full confession.

In his final statement, he said he was remorseful and asked the court not to imprison him.

An organized group also including Alexander Zagorulko, the former first deputy director of Spetsstroy, and three businessmen committed the fraud, according to the court.

According to the factual allegations, the schemes used advance payments and false information about the amount, cost, and quality of work done during major repairs in military towns and other facilities in Moscow and the Tver region in 2013-2015.

The investigators found that the money stolen by the criminal group exceeded one billion rubles.