19 Jul 2018 21:41

Kyiv bans Russian Journalist Union chief from travelling to Ukraine - Russian Foreign Ministry

MOSCOW. July 19 (Interfax) - Moscow is indignant with banning the Russian Union of Journalists chief Vladimir Solovyev from travelling to Ukraine, and is calling for discussing this step on international platforms.

"The Kyiv regime's desire to prevent any contacts between Russian and Ukrainian journalists is absolutely obvious. In the official Kyiv's view, 'national security' consists in the necessity for the total purges of the information space, further fanning of anti-Russian hysteria in the media space of the country and thwarting any attempts of Ukrainian and Russian information outlets to start the direct dialogue," the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a commentary released on Thursday.

"This 'security' up to the worst traditions of totalitarian quasi-republics is beneficial, most apparently, to the oligarchic clans controlling special services, but in no way to Ukrainian civil society," the Foreign Ministry said.

"The Russian Union of Journalists' desire for a dialogue with Ukrainian colleagues is natural, as it is a professional approach seeking to develop media institutions in both countries, depoliticizing the media environment and honoring high standards of journalistic ethics. As we know, this desire is gaining support among Ukrainian counterparts," the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

"The outright disregarding of democratic principles of ensuring the freedom of expression in Ukraine is getting beyond all the boundaries," the Foreign Ministry said.

"OSCE Representative for Freedom of the Media [Harlem] Desir, the International Federation of Journalists have already condemned this step of Ukrainian authorities," the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

"We are urging Western patrons of the Kyiv regime to take efficient measures to suppress actions of the sort taken by their subordinates. An urgent discussion on a catastrophic situation in Ukraine surrounding the freedom of the media on specific international platforms is needed," the Foreign Ministry added.