23 Jul 2018 17:27

Checkpoints for Syrian refugees from Jordan, Lebanon opened - Russian Defense Ministry

MOSCOW. July 23 (Interfax-AVN) - The first two checkpoints for Syrian refugees from Jordan and Lebanon have opened, and another three will open soon, the head of the Russian National Defense Management Center, Mikhail Mizintsev, said.

"The first two checkpoints for refugees [returning] to Syria from Jordan and Lebanon have been deployed and have begun active operation. These are Nasib and Zemrani," Mizintsev said at a meeting of the interagency coordination headquarters of the Defense Ministry and the Foreign Ministry for the return of refugees to Syria.

"Another three branches of the Center for Refugee Reception, Distribution, and Settlement at the Abu-Duhur, Salhiyah, and Palmyra checkpoints will also be prepared for operation in the next few days. It has been decided that they will be prepared by July 27," Mizintsev said.

Last week, the interagency coordination headquarters fulfilled a range of preparatory measures, and the quantities of building materials and material stocks needed to restore vital social infrastructure and residential buildings in Syria will soon be determined, he said.

"I emphasize that refugees in Syria are generally being received and accommodated in line with the previously approved plan," Mizintsev said.