12 Aug 2018 11:08

Int'l Army Games celebration of peaceful weapons - Shoigu

KUBINKA, Moscow region. Aug 12 (Interfax) - Russian Defense Minister Gen. Sergei Shoigu has described International Army Games as a celebration of peaceful weapons, giving the trophy to the absolute winners of the competitions, the Russian Armed Forces' team.

"Did we think, when we had started [it] and wanted to show the whole world what our guys, our designers, our defense industry are capable of, that all of that would turn into a wonderful celebration of peaceful weapons? Of course, no, we didn't, but we did dream about that. Dreams come true," Shoigu said, awarding Russian military with the trophy.

Today, dozens of millions of people all over the world watch these games and look at these marvelous guys displaying their skills, he said. "They watch and understand that no one should mess with those guys. They watch and understand that the equipment, which they are using to fight, is perfect and they've mastered this equipment to perfection," the defense minister said.

Thousands of boys, who watched the competitions, have made a decision to take this path - wear the uniform, master the equipment to ensure peace and tranquility both in every home and on the entire planet, he said.

Shoigu thanked all participants in the competitions, arbiters, "who honestly and fairly judged these unique competitions in seven countries," and spectators and television audience.

"I would like to thank all my colleagues, the ministers, who found a way to attend both the opening of the games and the closing ceremony. And there's nothing false and fake in it. It's indeed a sincere desire to cooperate, to be true friends. I would like to thank you for that," Shoigu said.

He described the games as a celebration of courage, valor and dignity, a celebration of true men and declared the games closed. The ceremony ended in 15-minute-long fireworks.

The fourth International Army Games began on July 28. A total of 189 teams from 32 countries competed in 28 contests in seven states. The team of Russian servicemen won 19 gold, five silver and two bronze medals.