13 Aug 2018 19:34

Preserving peace, accord in society is foundation for Kyrgyzstan's development - Jeenbekov

Strategic goals for Kyrgyzstan's development may be achieved only in an environment of political stability, Kyrgyz President Sooronbai Jeenbekov said.

"Our goal is a well-developed, truly independent country, the road towards it is full of obstacles and difficult," Jeenbekov said at the National Council's meeting dedicated to discussing Kyrgystan's development strategy before 204, on Monday.

"We will be able to achieve our strategic goals only in an environment of political stability," the president said. "Preserving peace and accord in the society and political stability in the country is the foundation for the development, while ensuring steady, targeted interaction between the branches of the government is a key objective," the president said.

The new development strategy before 2040 "has a conceptual nature, development programs for all sectors, regions taking into consideration their particularities will be adopted as part of the document," Jeenbekov said.

The strategy will be implemented gradually and consistently before 2040, the president said, naming "the implementation of the judicial reform, ensuring openness and integrity of the management system, fairness and transparency of decisions made" as one of the main short-term tasks.

"We attach particular importance to the development of friendly relations with neighboring states, including the strategic partner, Russia," Jeenbekov said regarding foreign policy cooperation.

"Further strengthening of comprehensive cooperation with the member states of the Eurasian Economic Union, the CSTO [Collective Security Treaty Organization], the Shanghai Cooperation Organization is our strategic goals," the president said.

He also pointed out importance of developing relations with China, "the development of friendly relations with Turkey, Japan, Korea, the United States, and the European Union member states, partnership with the United Nations."