15 Aug 2018 14:54

Russian Foreign Ministry calls current state of Russia-Greece relations abnormal

MOSCOW. Aug 15 (Interfax) - Moscow believes that the ongoing situation in the Russia-Greece relations is abnormal and hopes it will be resolved soon enough, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova said at a press briefing on Wednesday.

"It was not Russia who initiated the steps that led to the degradation of the Russian-Greek relations; quite the opposite, we are adherent to the course towards comprehensive cooperation with Greece. We see this entire situation as abnormal and temporary, hope it will be resolved soon, and are ready to demonstrate a patient and responsible attitude," Zakharova said.

"Russia does not befriend someone to spite another. Russia's cooperation with Turkey is not targeted against third countries," she said.

"It is inadmissible to distort history and interpret goals of the establishment of civil organizations. The Imperial Orthodox Palestine Society, just like many other non-governmental organizations, is implementing nothing but cultural and educational projects and only if there are interested foreign partners," Zakharova said.