17 Aug 2018 09:52

Kazakhstan to elaborate procedure for working group on implementation of Caspian Sea's status convention - Foreign Ministry

ASTANA. Aug 17 (Interfax) - Kazakhstan will elaborate the procedure for the high-level group on the implementation of the Convention on the Legal Status of the Caspian Sea, the Kazakh Foreign Ministry's Ambassador at Large Zulfia Amanzholova told the press in Astana on Friday.

"The foreign ministers decided at their meeting before the summit that the working group would need a procedure. Kazakhstan undertook to elaborate it," Amanzholova said.

The procedure of the working group on the elaboration of the convention concerned the periodicity of its meetings, the quorum, and other issues, she said.

"I think we will coordinate those rules, and the group will discuss them at its meeting in November of this year and approve them afterwards," Amanzholova said.

The primary task of the group is to prepare methods for the determination of straight baselines in the Caspian Sea, she said.

"In addition, the convention tasked the high-level group with monitoring the implementation of the convention and all international agreements of the five. The group may have other tasks, as well. The convention defines this group as permanent," Amanzholova said.