20 Aug 2018 14:58

Khrunichev to display Angara LV mockups at Army 2018 forum

MOSCOW. Aug 20 (Interfax-AVN) - The Khrunichev State Research and Production Space Center will participate in the Army 2018 international military-technical forum in Kubinka, the Moscow region, on August 21-26, as part of Roscosmos' exhibition, the Khrunichev space center said in a statement.

"The exhibits will include mockups of current and new spacecraft. Products made by the company and its affiliates for the purpose of replacing imported component parts of rockets and space hardware will be displayed separately. Visitors will also be familiarized with the use of space technologies for manufacturing civilian products of the Khrunichev Center," the press service said.

The company presents Proton and Angara launch vehicles, booster units, rocket engines, and component parts. The core of the exhibition is 1:20 mockups of the light Angara 1.2 and heavy Angara A5 vehicles launched from Plesetsk. Angara rockets are made of universal modules and powered by engines that run on environmentally clean fuel (oxygen and kerosene). Angara test launches began in Plesetsk in 2014. Light and heavy launch vehicles have been successfully put into orbit.

A 1:20 ratio mockup of the Angara A5V launch vehicle will demonstrate capacities of the Far Eastern Amur rocket complex. The purpose of Amur is exploration programs in the near-Earth and deep space, including studies of the Moon. Angara A5V will have an enhanced lifting capacity. The third-stage engine of the rocket will be fueled with oxygen and kerosene. The launch vehicle can carry up to 38 tonnes of a payload to a low orbit.

Traditionally, the Khrunichev stand will present a 1:20 ratio mockup of the Proton-M launch vehicle, the main Russian heavy rocket widely used for launching various types of unmanned spacecraft to near-Earth orbits and departure trajectories under federal and commercial programs.

The center will also present mockups of liquid-fuel rocket engines, a 1:25 ratio mockup of the Briz-M booster unit, and a 1:1.5 ratio mockup of the prospective KVTK heavy oxygen-hydrogen booster unit designed for Proton and Angara launch vehicles.

The Khrunichev Center has been designing, producing, and operating heavy launch vehicles, oversized orbital modules, and spacecraft for more than half a century. The company accomplishes a number of tasks of the federal space program.