20 Aug 2018 20:09

Udaltsov brought back to special facility from hospital to serve 30-day sentence

MOSCOW. Aug 20 (Interfax) - Left Front coordinator Sergei Udaltsov, who was hospitalized on August 19, has been sent back to a special detention center, his wife Anastasia Udaltsova told Interfax on Monday.

"Sergei has been brought back to the special detention center," Udaltsova said.

An acquaintance of Udaltsov visited him today to hand over his belongings, but police officers on duty near his ward, did not allow the package to be delivered, she said. In the acquaintance's presence, Udaltsov was brought back to a special detention center. Doctors did not say whether this was done for medical reasons.

"He told me today that he was feeling bad," Udaltsova said.

On Sunday, Udaltsov was sent from his special detention center to a hospital, the executive secretary of the Moscow Public Monitoring Committee, Ivan Melnikov, told Interfax.

Moscow's Meshchansky District Court arrested Udaltsov for 30 days on August 14, finding him guilty of repeated violations of the rules for organizing a public event.

The Moscow City Court upheld the ruling on August 17.