24 Aug 2018 12:29

Babich says ready to implement presidential agreements together with Belarusian partners

NOVO-OGARYOVO. Aug 24 (Interfax) - New Russian Ambassador to Belarus Mikhail Babich has defined his primary objective as the implementation of agreements reached by the Russian and Belarusian presidents.

"We will be working together with our colleagues in the Russian government, the presidential administration, and Belarusian partners to implement the agreements reached by our heads of state," Babich told Russian President Vladimir Putin at a meeting.

Belarus is both a major geopolitical and military ally, and a key economic partner of Russia, Babich said. He noted that the Union State had a trade turnover of over 2 trillion rubles last year.

"You have set the goal of $50 billion for the near future," Babich said.

Russia and Belarus have "the supreme form of integration," Babich said. "This is what you have been working on together with Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko for so long," he told Putin.

The new ambassador, who will also be the special presidential representative for trade and economic relations with Belarus, said he expects this status to "bolster the effectiveness" of his work.

"I understand the scope of my mission and my personal responsibility, and I will do my best to justify your confidence in me," Babich told Putin.

The presidents of Russia and Belarus met in Sochi on Wednesday.

Almost the entire meeting was held behind closed doors.