28 Aug 2018 15:45

Military train attacked in Russia's Trans-Baikal Territory, one assailant killed

BLAGOVESHCHENSK. Aug 28 (Interfax) - A guard shot dead one of the unknown assailants who tried to attack a military train at a railway station in Russia's Trans-Baikal Territory, the press service of the Eastern Military District said.

"A serviceman who was guarding a military train at the Petrovsky Zavod station fired on the group of unknown persons who intruded into security guards' post and tried to attack the guards. The unknown attackers did not react to the on-duty officer's warnings and a warning shot fired into the air," the press service said.

As a result, one of the attackers was neutralized and the others escaped. The on-duty officer's decision to open fire was in full compliance with the rules of the Russian Armed Forces' garrison and guard duty regulations, the press service said.

The attackers have criminal connections, a spokesperson for the dispatch service of the Petrovsk-Zabaikalsky district told Interfax.

"The neutralized assailant, born in 1989, also known as 'Zhdanchik', was criminal groups' coordinator in the district. He was celebrating his birthday with his friends at a cafe near the railway station. The group had a row with servicemen, who came to the shop. After it, the local men tried to attack the military train, causing an on-duty officer to open fire," the spokesperson said.

The man who had his birthday was killed and another person was wounded in the incident, the spokesperson said.