30 Aug 2018 10:37

Bogdanov, Syrian opposition leader Hariri discuss Syria crisis settlement

MOSCOW. Aug 30 (Interfax) - Mikhail Bogdanov, the Russian Presidential Representative for the Middle East and Africa and Deputy Foreign Minister, has discussed the Syria crisis settlement consistent with UN Security Council Resolution 2254 in a phone call with Nasr al-Hariri, chief negotiator for the opposition Syrian Negotiations Commission (SNC) , according to a statement posted on the Russian Foreign Ministry's website.

"The need for wiping out the ISIL and Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist groups (banned in Russia) out of Syria was underlined," the statement said.

The need for "ensuring Syria's unity, territorial integrity, and sovereignty, establishing a stable negotiating process between the Syrian government and the constructive opposition for the sake of restoring national unity, launching the Constitutional Committee as agreed at the Syrian National Dialogue Congress in Sochi, and creating appropriate conditions for the soonest return of Syrian refugees was underscored, too," it said.

The phone call initiated by the Syrian side took place on Wednesday.