4 Sep 2018 11:57

Communications Ministry sees no grounds to change anti-piracy law due to Yandex situation

MOSCOW. Sept 4 (Interfax) - There are no grounds to change anti-piracy legislation due to the situation with Yandex, Russian Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media Minister Konstantin Noskov told Interfax.

"You can always raise the issue of changing the law if things get to tipping point. But at the present moment in time I don't feel this [in the situation with Yandex]," he said.

"If I receive more requests from businesses and experts then of course I consider it necessary to consider any initiatives to amend legislation. It is unclear whether this would get all the way through. But we do need to act in the interests of both businesses and the rights holders," Noskov said.

He said the ministry would be watching how the dispute between Yandex and Gazprom-Media plays out, but did not see any reasons to intervene for now.

"Yandex and experts might not agree with the court ruling, and I as a representative of the executive branch might not agree. But here there is no sense in discussing [the ruling]," Noskov said.