4 Sep 2018 17:53

Russian telecom watchdog warns Google against circulating info violating Russian law on elections

MOSCOW. Sept 4 (Interfax) - The Russian telecommunications watchdog Roskomnadzor has warned foreign companies, including Google, against allotting its resources for illegal activities in Russian territory, Roskomnadzor deputy head Vadim Subbotin said.

"We are aware of instances in which Google's popular services and tools have been easily turned into forums for posting unlawful and illegal contents directly violating Russian election regulations. Therefore, we would like to warn foreign companies - particularly Google, to which we have already forwarded official letters - that allotting their resources for illegal activities in Russian territory is unacceptable," Subbotin said at a meeting of the Federation Council commission on the protection of Russia's sovereignty.

Roskomnadzor has not yet received any reply from Google, he said.

Foreign companies must unconditionally abide by the Russian laws regulating elections, Subbotin said.

"We believe the absence of a proper reaction on their part would in fact constitute direct interference in Russia's internal affairs manifested in obstructing legitimate democratic elections," he said.

The prosecutor's office of Moscow's Central Administrative District and the Federal Anti-Monopoly Service have also issued warnings to Google, of which their representatives said at the meeting.