13 Sep 2018 18:37

Media outlets could be compelled to seek authorities' permission to report on Russian military-technical cooperation with other countries - draft MSMTC document

MOSCOW. Sept 13 (Interfax-AVN) - The Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation (MSMTC) intends to regulate the media coverage of Russia's military-technical cooperation with foreign state s.

A draft of the relevant order by FSMTC Director Dmitry Shugayev was posted on the official legal news portal on Thursday. The document approves the procedure for the publication and dissemination by media outlets of the information concerning Russia's military-technical cooperation with foreign states. Shugayev will personally oversee compliance with his order.

All information regarding military-technical cooperation meant to be published in the media must be agreed upon, depending on content, with the Foreign Ministry, the FSMTC or other government agencies, the draft says.

"The volume of information about prospects, core areas, topics and conditions of military-technical cooperation, the nomenclature and quantity of military products of interest to a foreign customer, about previous military product deliveries, <...> and other information on military-technical cooperation with foreign states, shall be agreed on with the FSMTC," the draft document said.

"Publication of information regarding Russian military product supplies to a foreign state shall be the priority right of the authorized body of that country," the draft document said.

Media outlets should be mindful of the ban on open dissemination of limited-access information "and any other information whose publication could harm Russian interests or those of its foreign customer."

All information proposed for publication regarding the development, making, testing and serial production of new, prospective or strategically important models of weapons, military and specialist equipment must be agreed on with the state contractor, the document said.