19 Sep 2018 14:23

CEC suggests that candidates for post of Primorye governor report true culprits of electoral violations to police

MOSCOW. Sept 19 (Interfax) - Russian Central Elections Commission Deputy Head Nikolai Bulayev has called on the candidates who ran in the second round of the election in the Primorye Territory to withdraw their reports to the law enforcement agencies against the chairs of district elections commissions.

"Dear candidates, I encourage you to withdraw your reports. These people are not guilty of anything. File reports against those who are guilty. You are not brave enough to fight against the authorities. You are fighting against women, who will lose their jobs and will have nothing to feed their families if criminal cases are opened," Bulayev said on Wednesday at a meeting in the CEC on the situation with the second round of the gubernatorial election in the Primorye Territory.

Bulayev named the professions of the people who headed the polling stations where violations were registered during the second round. "I will allow myself to name the professions of the people who headed those polling stations: deputy director of a school, a kindergarten educator, the head of a house of culture, the head of a cultural establishment, a Russian language teacher, a health and safety teacher, a biology teacher, an educational unit secretary, the director of a crafts house, a school director," he said.

"If they [the heads of district election commissions] did something, they were made to do it. Were they made to do it? Fight the true culprits, but you are fighting women. Shame on you. And it is a shame to win an election in such a way, setting other people up," Bulayev said.

"People in these cities and districts, leave your posts. You have disgraced yourself by setting women up and hiding behind their skirts. Leave! Do you have a conscience? Let these people calmly say: we were made to do it, we could not resist, but we worked honestly until the last minute," Bulayev said.