19 Sep 2018 14:48

Pamfilova makes decisions without anyone's instructions, didn't bother Putin on situation with election in Primorye

MOSCOW. Sept 19 (Interfax) - CEC head Ella Pamfilova says she has not bothered the president about issues relating to the cancellation of elections, including in Primorye.

"I don't bother the president on such issues [as the cancellation of elections in Primorye]. If someone thinks I am a pawn, I did not live my difficult life to be a player in someone's hands, to nod and to be told what to do," Pamfilova told reporters on Wednesday.

Pamfilova says she has "understanding what needs to be done, and if I understand that something is not working, something wrong is happening, I will not be here," she said.

"I will not do things that are against my conscience," she said.

Pamfilova said she is facing "a clear task set by the president: elections should be transparent, normal, we are working in that direction."

"In situations where our competence is not enough, where law enforcement agencies don't work hard enough, these materials are put on the president's table. I have the president's support of my principled position on the organization of elections," she said.

Pamfilova said she would not be able to handle this situation without such support.