20 Sep 2018 17:33

Duma votes to create unified commission on ethics, revenue control

MOSCOW. Sept 20 (Interfax) - The State Duma on Thursday voted to create a new commission to monitor the authenticity of information on revenue, property and property obligations, mandate issues, and parliamentary ethics.

The commission was created by reorganizing two existent commissions: the commission on ethics and the commission monitoring the authenticity of information on revenue and property and property obligations provided by deputies.

Otari Arshba (United Russia faction) was chosen to chair the new commission. His first deputies are Ivan Kvitka (United Russia), Nikolai Ryzhik (A Just Russia), Yelena Strokova (LDPR), and Kazbek Taisayev (CPRF).

The Duma supported the candidacies of four deputy chairs of the commission, one from each faction.

The commission comprises 21 deputies based on the principle of proportionate representation of factions (11 from United Russia, four from CPRF, four from LDPR, and two from A Just Russia).

Meetings of the commission will be conducted as the need arises, but not less often than once a session.

Arshba and Natalya Poklonskaya initially lost their posts as chairs of the old commissions as a result of their reorganization, but both deputies were nominated as candidates to head the new unified commission.

The presidium of the United Russia faction held a secret vote on Monday and supported Arshba's candidacy.

A member of the faction's presidium said neither candidate had withdrawn their candidacies.

Arshba won an undisputed victory.

According to information possessed by Interfax, two people voted for Poklonskaya and 28 for Arshba.