24 Sep 2018 13:36

Ishchenko to run in new gubernatorial election in Primorye - CPRF administration

MOSCOW. Sept 24 (Interfax) - CPRF candidate Andrei Ishchenko will continue fighting for the post of governor of the Primorye Territory, CPRF Central Committee Deputy Chairman Ivan Melnikov said, citing a confirmation made during his meeting with CPRF leader Gennady Zyuganov on Monday.

"The CPRF administration led by Gennady Zyuganov held a meeting with our candidate for the post of governor of the Primorye Territory Andrei Ishchenko this morning. Following this meeting, we confirm our position, our common decision that Andrei Sergeyevich [Ishchenko] will run in the repeat gubernatorial election," Melnikov told reporters on Monday.

Zyuganov plans to suggest that the Russian president appoint Ishchenko acting governor of the Primorye Territory, he said. "We believe there is every reason for that, bearing in mind his performance in the first round of the election," Melnikov said.

On Monday, Ishchenko took part in a roundtable meeting of the CPRF faction in Moscow on issues relating to the improvement of the electoral legislation.

He said in the meeting that the region's Legislative assembly will decide when the repeat election will be held, on December 16 or December 23, today. Ishchenko also said this repeat vote will cost the region's budget 200 million rubles.

The second round of the gubernatorial election was conducted in the Primorye Territory on September 16. Incumbent Governor Andrei Tarasenko (United Russia) received 49.55% of the votes and CPRF candidate Andrei Ishchenko received 48.01% of the votes after 100% of the ballots were counted. The Primorye Territory's elections commission cancelled the election outcome on September 20. A repeat vote is to be conducted within three months, by December 16.