24 Sep 2018 19:11

Russian senator Bondarev calls for no-fly zone over Hmeimim, downing of unauthorized objects

MOSCOW. Sept 24 (Interfax) - A no-fly zone should be created in Latakia in order to prevent situations like the downing of Russia's Ilyushin Il-20 reconnaissance aircraft, and all unauthorized objects in the skies over Hmeimim should be destroyed, according to Federation Council Defense and Security Committee Chair Viktor Bondarev.

"The creation of a no-fly zone over our military base in Latakia will make it possible to avoid repeats of this situation, the frightening tragedy of the Il-20. It is necessary to create a no-fly zone and say so that everyone can hear that any unauthorized objects spotted in the airspace over Hmeimim will definitely be eliminated," Bondarev told Interfax on Monday.

"It is necessary to warn everybody about this in advance. And to warn that efforts to eliminate terrorists should be made with notification of Russia in advance, our limited military contingent in Syria, and Syrian air defense troops. And not a minute or two [in advance], but at least two or three days," he said.

Otherwise, "we will destroy any aircraft in the airspace over Hmeimim without our authorization and will not be responsible for the losses of 'unidentified flying objects,'" Bondarev said.

This "will dampen the ardor of those members of the international community who believe that for them everything is permissible," he said.