29 Sep 2018 13:03

State Duma Council to consider Russia's draft budget for 2019-2021 on Oct 1 - Volodin

MOSCOW. Sept 29 (Interfax) - State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin has forwarded the draft federal budget to the specialized Budget and Taxes Committee; the State Duma Council is to consider it on October 1.

"The government has introduced the draft federal budget for 2019 and the planning period of 2020-2021 to the State Duma today. The specialized committee is to begin working today already so we can consider it at the State Duma Council on Monday, October 1, and forward the draft budget to regions and committees after making a decision," the speaker told reporters.

The budget should reflect issues of extending life expectancy and improving its quality, developing healthcare and education, accelerating the technological development, sustained economic growth, and increasing the real income of citizens, Volodin said.