3 Oct 2018 15:21

United Europe could be Russia's good partner - German ambassador

MOSCOW. Oct 3 (Interfax) - Germany wants to develop relations with Russia; there is no alternative, German Ambassador in Moscow Rudiger von Fritsch said at a German Unity Day reception in Moscow.

"Germany is really interested in having a good, lasting relationship with Russia; there is no alternative to that. Our relations are more profound and broader and have deeper roots than it may seem," von Fritsch said.

"Germans and Russians have more points of contact than disagreements. This is proven by the invariably large number of German companies that are doing business in Russia and have created over 250,000 jobs," he said.

"United Germany pursues a steady foreign policy course," von Fritsch said.

"It rests upon the aspiration for neighborly relations and solid partnership in the trans-Atlantic union. Above all, this is about European integration. The equal integration of countries that differ in size is the correct path of development at a time when strong countries are starting to measure themselves up against others and certain players are taking the law in their hands," the diplomat said.

"If Europe stays united, it will be a good, strong partner for Russia. We can solve problems together and again find a common language. True, there are serious problems sometimes, but we should never forget our long history of good relations and look for points of contact despite what might keep us apart," von Fritsch said.