9 Oct 2018 20:22

Parties to Syrian conflict should avoid undermining refugees' return - final declaration of Eurasian parliament speakers

ANTALYA. Oct 9 (Interfax) - The attendees of the third conference of Eurasian parliament speakers in Antalya, Turkey, have adopted on a final declaration calling in particular for a political settlement of the Syrian conflict and peaceful resolution of the North Korean nuclear problem.

The document emphasizes peaceful settlement of conflict without the use or threat of force, in accordance with international law and the UN Charter. "We fully acknowledge the central role of the UN in advancing and strengthening international peace and security," the document says.

"Confident that the Syrian conflict cannot be resolved militarily, we reaffirm the efforts to facilitate the political settlement process led by, and with active participation of, the Syrians themselves, in accordance with the UN Security Council Resolution 2254," the declaration says.

The speakers also urged all parties to the Syrian conflict to avoid endangering the civilian population and hindering the safe and voluntary return of Syrian refugees and internally displaced people.

On the Korean issue, the speakers respect the obligations of the North and South Koreas to maintain dialogue for a lasting peace on the peninsula, including by holding inter-Korean summits, the document said.

It also calls for peaceful resolution of the North Korean problem through dialogue, a comprehensive approach and cooperation to establish lasting peace on the Korean peninsula.

"We again denounce any form, organization and manifestation of terrorism regardless of race and religion," the document said. The speakers stressed that since no country can deal with this threat on its own, they undertake "to work together to protect our citizens, strengthen global security, provide stability and help create conditions for a long-term success."

The fourth conference will be held in Kazakhstan next year.