11 Oct 2018 11:02

Moldovan president pledges to prevent European integration clause from being added to Constitution

MOSCOW. Oct 11 (Interfax) - Moldovan President Igor Dodon and his Party of Socialists have pledged to prevent the European integration clause from being added to the Constitution before the parliamentary election.

"Even if they [the Moldovan parliament] vote now, they will have to pass the bill for signing to me in two or three days. I have no intention to sign this document, and I will send it back in 14 days. After that the ruling coalition could put the issue to vote again. If the bill passes another vote and the necessary support is gained, they will send the document back to me. This means I will have 14 more days after which I will return the document," Dodon told the newspaper Izvestia in an interview published on Thursday.

The parliament should not make such adjustments, and "only people have the right to decide at a referendum," he said. "The entire system needs to be changed even if they manage to vote now. It is inadmissible to formalize the ideology of any party, which is supported by less than half of our society, as a constitutional norm," Dodon said.

Such steps of the ruling party have a negative impact on the Transdniestria settlement, he said.

"There are a number of regions in Moldova that are strongly opposed to the course towards European integration. These are Transdniestria, Gagauzia, and the country's north. I believe that a majority of Moldovan citizens, 75% to 80% judging by polls, want a balanced foreign policy and good relations with both the West and the East. This means that the population supports the course we have been pursuing over recent years," Dodon said.

The Moldovan parliamentary election is due to take place in February 2019.