15 Oct 2018 14:54

Nigerian prince dies in nightclub in Cherepovets

VOLOGDA. Oct 15 (Interfax) - The investigative bodies of the Vologda region are investigating the death of a man in a nightclub in Cherepovets, the press service for the Investigate Committee's regional branch told Interfax on Monday.

"A young man died in a public place, and a probe has been launched. According to preliminary reports, he died of a hear attack, but a forensic examination will provide more precise information about the cause of death. There is currently no reason to say there was any foul play," the agency said.

The press service for the Cherepovets city administration said Gabriel Segun Ajayi, 32, a Nigerian prince, had died in a nightclub early on Saturday.

"Gabriel had a heart attack, he fell down and died. He had not taken any medications, he was just sitting drinking tea. My husband had never complained about his heart before," the press service quoted the prince's wife Natalya Vedenina as saying.

She said his relatives would not come to the funeral from Nigeria, as it is too far and visas are difficult to get.

Natalya Vedenina and her husband met online and started talking via an electronic translator. They got married four years later. They had twins in 2017.