15 Oct 2018 16:00

Georgia investigating publication of conversation between imprisoned ex-prosecutor general, MP

TBILISI. Oct 15 (Interfax) - Georgia's Chief Prosecutor's Office has opened a probe into the publication of a recording of a conversation between imprisoned ex-prosecutor general Mirza Subeliani and parliamentarian Viktor Japaridze, in which Subeniani said investigators had used torture to get evidence in high-profile cases.

In the course of the conversation, which lasted more than an hour, the former prosecutor said he had serious compromising information about the Georgian authorities and top law enforcement officials and that he and his family could receive political asylum in any civilized country for the publication of that information, the Georgian media reported on Monday.

According to Subeliani, officials with the Chief Prosecutor's Office tortured detainees to get testimony in many high-profile cases over the past few years. The agency is de facto headed by former prosecutor general Otar Partskhaladze, who has an armed unit of "50 strong guys" who "resolve any problem" without leaving records of their actions, he said.

Viktor Japaridze confirmed to journalists that he had had a conversation with Subeliani but said he was outraged by its publication.

"Subeliani is in solitary confinement and is stressed, so I didn't take what he said seriously. In my view, the main thing is how a conversation between a parliamentarian and a detainee was secretly recorded and published," Japaridze said, adding that Subeliani had insisted on the meeting and had asked him to request leniency from the authorities.

Subeliani was detained in June on charges of providing shelter to people who had committed a crime. The case is now being heard.