16 Oct 2018 21:02

Mamaev officially apologizes to aggrieved party, proposes reconciliation - lawyer

MOSCOW. Oct 16 (Interfax) - Soccer player Pavel Mamaev, who has been arrested in the case of scuffles in Moscow, has officially apologized to the aggrieved party and proposed reconciliation during a face-to-face questioning, his lawyer Igor Bushmanov said.

"Pavel apologized to the injured men, [Vitaly] Solovchuk and [Sergei] Gaisin, and expressed readiness to compensate for non-pecuniary damages and physical harm. [...] We voiced such a proposal [on reconciliation] and took all necessary measures for that officially in presence of the aggrieved party," Bushmanov told reporters on Tuesday.

The aggrieved party may respond at any stage of the proceedings, at during a pre-trial inquiry or its consideration at a court, he said.

At present, Mamaev has not been indicted, the lawyer said.

"He has not been indicted officially to date and I hope that investigators would give a proper legal evaluation to his actions after assessing the gathered evidence, including testimony of other witnesses, to avoid bringing excessive charges against him and terminating them subsequently," Bushmanov said.

The third member of the aggrieved party in the criminal case against Mamev, Denis Pak of the Russian Industry and Trade Ministry, explained during the face-to-face questioning that he has no claims against the soccer player, the lawyer said.

"Pak said that he [Mamaev] is not involved in the beating and he has not heard any shouts and insults from Mamaev," Bushmanov said.

"Pavel is still under the quarantine regime at the moment, he is upset about the incident and believes what he did is immoral. He apologizes to fans and all residents of the country," he said.

On October 11, Moscow's Tverskoi District Court sanctioned arrest of soccer players Mamaev, Alexander Kokorin, and the latter's brother Kirill until December 8. All three are suspected of hooliganism and two counts of battery.

On October 12, another defendant in the case, Alexander Protasovitsky, who is suspected of hooliganism, was arrested until the same date.

The criminal case was initiated over two fights involving Kokorin and Mamaev in Moscow in the morning of October 8. One of them took place near the Pekin Hotel in Moscow. Vitaly Solovchuk, a driver of Olga Ushakova, an employee of Channel One, was injured. The second occurred in the Kofemania on Bolshaya Nikitskaya Street; federal officials Pak and Sergei Gaisin sustained injuries.

Both incidents were recorded by security cameras and caused a public outcry.