17 Oct 2018 13:57

Turkmenistan launches $3.4-bln polymer plant

ASHGABAT. Oct 17 (Interfax) - A plant costing just over $3.4 billion to produce polyethylene and polypropylene was officially launched in the settlement of Kiyanly in western Turkmenistan on Wednesday, Nebit-Gaz, the online newspaper for the country's oil and gas industry, reported.

The plant will process 5 billion cubic meters of natural gas and produce 381,000 tonnes of high-density polyethylene and 81,000 tonnes of polypropylene per year. The plant will also produce up to 4.5 bcm of saleable gas for local needs.

The state Turkmengaz concern started building the plant in 2013 under a contract with Hyundai Engineering Go.Ltd, LG International Corp and Toyo Engineering Corp.