24 Oct 2018 21:32

Putin sees national projects as detailed plan of breakthrough in Russia's development

MOSCOW. Oct 24 (Interfax) - Russia will have to "make a breakthrough" in its development, and the implementation of the national projects envisioned by President Vladimir Putin's May Decrees must be put under "substantive control," Putin said on Wednesday.

"We needed a detailed plan of such a breakthrough, a resolute progress on each track, and considerable and serious work was done in quite a compressed period of time - national projects were prepared, which indicated objectives, practical mechanisms of their achievement, and the funding," Putin said in opening a meeting of the presidential council for the modernization of the economy at the Kremlin.

Putin invited the participants in the meeting "to talk particularly about the creation of a system to monitor the implementation of the national projects and programs."

"I'll stress right away: there is a need precisely for substantive control, essential control, we cannot substitute real work with empty bureaucratic reports and formal closure of instructions, which still happens here," Putin said.

"The main ultimate goal is real positive changes in the lives of each citizen and each Russian family," he said.