1 Nov 2018 17:45

Ukraine begins surface-to-air missile tests in Kherson region

KYIV. Nov 1 (Interfax-AVN) - A live-fire exercise and testing of medium- and short-range anti-aircraft missiles began at the Yahorlik Range in the Kherson region on Thursday, the Ukrainian Air Force said.

"The live fire exercise is taking place strictly within Ukraine's airspace, above open waters, strictly in accordance with international law," the command said on Facebook.

Preparations for the exercise involved ascertaining the dimensions of the dangerous launch zone in the northwestern part of the Black Sea to rule out any threats, calculating risks, taking security measures ahead of the practical phase of tests, and clarifying the zone of restricted use of airspace (UKD-200 A, B, C). The times and altitudes of the ban on the use of airspace were determined. The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry also sent letters and aviation notices to the Ukrainian aerocenter.

Taking part in the event are aircraft crews, anti-aircraft missile units, radio-technical troops, signal troops, and drones of the Ukrainian Air Force, and air defense units of the Ukrainian Ground Forces.

To gain combat experience with anti-aircraft missile systems and verify the quality of restored munitions, the troops are also practicing combat (and simulated) missile launches against unmanned aerial vehicles.