3 Nov 2018 09:28

Russian sailors hold torpedo drill in Baltic Sea

MOSCOW. Nov 3 (Interfax-AVN) - The crews of the corvette Boikiy and the small anti-submarine ship Zelenodolsk held a live fire exercise in the Baltic Sea, the Baltic Fleet said on Friday.

"In particular, the corvette's crew fired artillery at various targets and practiced ship protection using anti-torpedoes of the Paket anti-submarine system," the press service said.

Under the exercise plan, the corvette was torpedoed by a practice torpedo launched from the Zelenodolsk.

"The Boikiy crew used an anti-torpedo by launching it from the ship's Paket system. According to objective-monitoring data, the attack was successful, the target was hit with set precision," the press service said.

The exercise was carried out with practice non-explosive ammunition in maximum compliance with the safety requirements, it said. In all, both ships launched four torpedoes, which were found and removed by a torpedo retriever.

While at sea the crews also practiced damage control, steering a ship damaged in battle, air defense with passive countermeasures, and anti-sabotage defense with grenade launching.

The Paket system is designed to destroy submarines and torpedoes in a ship's close-in zone. It comprises a control system, a special target-designation sonar, launching units, and small-sized heat-seeking torpedoes and anti-torpedoes.