8 Nov 2018 19:15

Special services should prevent terrorists posing as migrants from crossing border - FSB head

MOSCOW. Nov 8 (Interfax) - Special services of foreign countries should step up filtration efforts on the borders to prevent terrorists under the guise of refugees travelling to Europe and exodus countries, Federal Security Service Director Alexander Bortnikov said.

"We have defined virtually three main directions of militants' travel. Their destinations are primarily Afghanistan, Southeast Asia, and the African continent," Bortnikov said following the meeting of the chiefs of special services, security and law enforcement agencies of the Federal Security Service's partner countries on Thursday.

In this connection, participants focused on "efforts to thwart the possibility of bandits traveling to the European continent, primarily to Europe, and to exodus countries posing as refugees and migrants."

"In this regard, they drew attention of all of the interested special services on efforts to increase filtration efforts on the borders, and relevant search efforts. I mean the search for people, who were or are in sight of special services or can be linked to terrorist groups and these organizations," Bortnikov said.