13 Nov 2018 18:04

Tatneft tire group boosts share in Russian tire production to 47.7% in Q3

KAZAN. Nov 13 (Interfax) - Tire makers in Russia produced 7.987 million tires in Q3 2018, an increase of 245,000 or 3.2% compared with the same period last year, Nizhnekamskshina reported.

Nizhnekamskshina increased tire production by 541,300 tires or 21.7% in the three months, the company said without providing an absolute production figure.

The share of Russian tire production supplied by Tatneft plants came to 47.7% in Q3 2018, up from 44.3% in Q3 2017, and Nizhnekamskshina's share alone was 36%, up from 32.3%.

The share of Russian tire plants controlled by Pirelli amounted to 19.1% in Q3 2018 (down from 21.4% in Q3 2017) and Cordiant plants - 27.4% (27.8%), according to Nizhnekamskshina data.

Among the factors affecting operations by tiremakers are rising sales on the secondary market, Nizhnekamskshina said previously, adding that the situation remained unchanged in the third quarter.