28 Nov 2018 14:29

Air defense in Odesa region put on alert as part of martial law - administration head

KYIV. Nov 28 (Interfax) - The Odesa regional administration is tightening information and cyber security measures and border protection and has put air defense forces located in the region on alert as part of martial law procedures, the regional administration quoted its head, Maksym Stepanov, as saying.

"There is an understandable list of actions. They include tightening information and cyber security measures and putting air defense on alert. The border guard will tighten border security," Stepanov said.

Martial law in the Odesa region should be as unobtrusive as possible, so as not to restrict the people's rights and freedoms, he said.

"I can assure the people that I will do my utmost so that they can continue leading their normal lives. The president's principled position is this: make martial law as unobtrusive as possible for the people. Therefore, if there is no open invasion by Russia, no civil rights will be restricted. There are no grounds for panic," he said.

Stepanov urged people not to spread unverified information and insisted that there are no plans for property confiscation, labor duty, or the accommodation of military personnel in civilians' apartments.

Martial law is a preemptive measure that enables Ukraine to respond to the threat emanating from Russia more effectively, he said.