1 Dec 2018 12:00

Russia planning to sign peaceful atom use agreement with Rwanda next week - Likhachyov

BUENOS AIRES. Dec 1 (Interfax) - Russia is planning to sign an intergovernmental agreement on the use of the peaceful atom with partners from Rwanda next week, Rosatom state corporation director Alexei Likhachyov said.

"We are expecting a visit of a large delegation from Rwanda to sign an intergovernmental framework agreement on the use of the peaceful atom next week. The Russian government has already made this decision and gave instructions to Rosatom in this regard. And it will probably be the first already specific step in the launch of a large-scale economic project," Likhachyov told reporters on the sidelines of the G20 summit.

"The president, indeed, monitors this issue personally and I really hope that will progress in the establishment of the nuclear industry there [in Rwanda] as actively as the reforms of technology and management are now underway in Rwanda," the Rosatom head said.

"Our partners are really interested in it, they set that as a national goal for them and thanks for them for that. On our part, we are ready to create as comfortable conditions as possible, we are interested in our presence in Africa and in such countries with dynamically developing economics," Likhachyov said.