11 Dec 2018 10:36

Candu, acting as Moldova's interim president, signs 5 laws earlier rejected by Dodon

CHISINAU. Dec 11 (Interfax) - Moldovan Parliament Speaker Andrian Candu, acting in his interim role as the country's president, has signed five laws that were earlier rejected by President Igor Dodon, Candu wrote on his Facebook page on Monday evening.

"I once again have to do Igor Dodon's work. Even though he spends more time in Moscow, he needs to remember who elected him and that he became the president owing to the norms set in the Constitution. By failing to recognize the laws of Moldova, he doesn't recognize this state and his own people. I regret that we have to protect the Constitution in such a way for the fifth time," he said.

The laws signed by Candu are Moldova's new code on audiovisual media services, a law on the sale of the site of the former Republican Stadium for the construction of a new building of the U.S. embassy in Moldova, a law declaring May 9 Europe Day in Moldova, and also laws on reforming the Carabinieri Troops and creating the Carabinieri General Inspectorate.

It is already the fifth time Dodon has been suspended as Moldova's president. The Constitutional Court issued a ruling on October 17, 2017, allowing the parliament speaker and the prime minister to temporarily act as the country's president and sign decrees on appointments if necessary. Under the law, the president is allowed to reject the prime minister's bills and proposals regarding ministers' appointments once, but the president is obliged to sign these decrees if the same bill has been adopted or the same candidate has been nominated.