14 Dec 2018 13:53

Gazprom to spend 39 bln rubles on Primorye gasification up to 2020, region - 16 bln rubles

VLADIVOSTOK. Dec 14 (Interfax) - Gazprom will invest 39 billion rubles in gasification in Primorsky territory (Primorye) up to 2020 and the territory itself will invest 16 billion rubles on preparations for consumers to accept the gas, Deputy CEO Valery Golubev told journalists in Vladivostok on Friday.

"In all, there should be 55 billion rubles [allocated] up to 2020. Sixteen billion rubles is spending that the territory is to make to prepare consumers and, accordingly, Gazprom is responsible for 39 billion rubles," Golubev said, adding that half of the money has already been spent.

"As for our [Gazprom's] portion, we have practically completed agreeing the investment program for 2019. Today perhaps half of this 39 billion rubles has been used. This is the pipeline branch to Bolshoi Kamen [toward the Zvezda Shipyard now under construction]. The second stage is construction of a pipeline branch and gas distribution stations Nakhodka, Vrangel Bay, Eastern Petrochemical Complex [Rosneft ]. This is what must be built," Golubev said.

On January 10, 2018, Primorye Acting Governor Andrei Tarasenko approved the regional gasification program "Gasification of housing and communal services, industrial and other organizations in Primorsky territory in 2017-2021."

At the current stage, it is important to synchronize construction of the infrastructure with construction of the new industrial facilities.

"It is necessary to synchronize preparation of consumers with our work. So that we know by what year and to what point gas must be delivered first of all. It must be clear where to build distribution networks. The pipeline might be build, but the plant won't be and there won't be any consumers. We won't even be able to test the pipeline and put it into service," he said.

The specific uses that the money will be put to will be decided early next year, he said.

"Money [for construction] is planned in the budget. But what to build, and what to put off until the following year, this is the task of our joint work [with Primorye authorities] for two-three months," Golubev said.