25 Dec 2018 11:11

Investigators verifying involvement of CSKA fans in conflict with Italians in Moscow in November - source

MOSCOW. Dec 25 (Interfax) - The inquiry into the conduct of CSKA football club fans derives from the brawl with Italians that happened in the center of Moscow in November, an informed source told Interfax.

"The incident that happened on Vorontsovo Pole Street in Moscow on November 7 is being investigated," the source said.

More than 20 persons, presumably CSKA fans, had a brawl with fans of the Italian Roma football club who came to Moscow for a match in November, he said.

An Italian citizen was injured, and windows were smashed in the hotel accommodating the Italians.

"All attackers escaped. The possible involvement of CSKA fans in the incident is being verified," the source said.

An informed source told Interfax earlier on Tuesday that the police were checking CSKA fans from at least three fan groups at over ten addresses. He did not say whether anyone had been detained and what the inquiry was about.

Interfax does not have an official confirmation of this information.