29 Dec 2018 14:23

Breakthrough from Putin-Lukashenko talks shouldn't be expected - Peskov

MOSCOW. Dec 29 (Interfax) - Breakthrough decisions from the Russian-Belarusian talks held in the Kremlin on Saturday shouldn't be expected, Russian presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov said.

"Another step in the direction of development of our alliance will be considered a success. It's a long way. Any breakthrough decisions should hardly be expected because it's a rather complex substance," Peskov said.

"There are issues that are less large-scale, but are as important to each party. The presidents will raise these issues," he said.

Putin and Lukashenko are having talks in the Kremlin on Saturday.

Peskov said the leaders had already said a joint working group for debated issues will be created. "The two presidents will now determine a vector in their meeting, which this group will follow," he said.