5 Jan 2019 12:02

Qatar's ambassador to Russia recognizes Iran's right to defend its interests in Syria

MOSCOW. Jan 5 (Interfax) - Iran is entitled to defend its interests in Syria but must not sow the seeds of sectarian strife, Qatar's Ambassador to Russia Fahad bin Mohammed Al-Attiyah said.

"Iran just like any other country has legitimate interests. We don't mind these legitimate interests to be protected," Al-Attiyah said in an interview with Interfax.

"But what we mind is when they cross the line of legitimacy and when Iran starts, just like any other country, to entrench itself in a way that does not serve the Syrian interests, the Syrian people, when sectarianism becomes a policy in order to divide and control, and that is what we do not accept," Al-Attiyah said.

"We urge Iran and others to reconsider their positions and really try to look at Syria, to look at what is good for Syria and the Syrians, first and foremost," he said.

At the same time, Qatar is "happy to support Russia, Iran and others, Turkey, if they are genuine and sure about this and come to support Syria from that principle," the ambassador said.

The full text of the interview will appear at www.interfax.com.