9 Jan 2019 21:59

Ukrainian-Udmurt drug ring convicted in Izhevsk

IZHEVSK. Jan 9 (Interfax) - The Industrialny district court in the town of Izhevsk has found ten people guilty of unlawful distribution and attempted distribution of narcotic drugs, a spokesperson for the prosecutor's office of Udmurtia stated on Wednesday.

"It was established that seven residents of Ukraine and three residents of Udmurtia were involved in distribution of synthetic narcotic drugs in the [Udmurtia] republic by hiding them in caches during 2016," the statement said.

Nine group members were sentenced to between four years and six and a half years at a high-security prison, and another one was given a suspended sentence.

The criminals would notify consumers of the location of a drug cache via the QIWI Wallet system.

The group was detained in August 2016, all members pleaded guilty to all charges.