11 Jan 2019 15:22

Ukrainian party Civil Position nominates leader Hrytsenko as presidential candidate

KYIV. Jan 11 (Interfax) - The Ukrainian party Civil Position nominated its leader, Anatoliy Hrytsenko, as a presidential candidate at its congress on Friday.

All 265 delegates voted for Hrytsenko, according to the party's website.

"I think it's time we made up our mind. We will be able to withstand the invasion we're seeing now in Ukraine only by uniting as a democratic bloc," Ihor Novosad, a member of the party's coordinating council, said in support of Hrytsenko's nomination.

After the adoption of the relevant decision, Hrytsenko said, "I know how to raise up the country and the army. I will not sign any populist law or international agreement that is not in the interests of the country. One presidential term is enough for me to lay the groundwork. The future of the country depends on today's decision."

A forum of democratic forces dedicated to Hrytsenko's nomination is taking place with the participation of members of the public, experts, and representatives of Hvylya, Civil Position, the European Party of Ukraine, and Ridna Kraina in Kyiv on Friday.

The election will be held on March 31.