14 Jan 2019 14:20

Holiday spending in Russia dips slightly year-on-year - poll

MOSCOW. Jan 14 (Interfax) - Russians spent an average of 13,870 rubles this holiday season, slightly less than in 2018 (14,195 rubles), the Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VCIOM) said on Monday.

"Actual spending generally coincided with the amount planned in late December (13,755 rubles). About 5,375 rubles were spent on gifts for family and friends, 4,592 rubles on New Year's dinner, and 3,903 rubles on tourism, New Year's parties, restaurants, etc. Ninety-eight percent of respondents spent money one way or another, and only 2% did not spend anything on celebrations," VCIOM said.

Two-thirds of respondents (69%) said they were pleased with the 2019 holiday season (73% in 2018).

Nearly a third (30%) said they visited friends or family (42% in 2018), 28% went for walks (30%), and 24% went to skating rinks or skied. More people spent the holidays at home this year (29% vs. 18% last year). A fifth (21%) of respondents said they worked over the holidays (32% among people aged 35 to 44, and 26% of people residing in million+ cities other than Moscow and St. Petersburg). That percentage has remained practically unchanged over the past four years.

Thirty-two percent said their ideal vacation would be skating or skiing, 22% would visit historical sites or go on sightseeing tours, 21% would like to spend time on the beach and sunbathe, and 21% would want to be with their family.

VCIOM polled 1,600 respondents older than 18 on January 11.