17 Jan 2019 11:03

Almost half of Russians ashamed of USSR's collapse - poll

MOSCOW. Jan 17 (Interfax) - The number of Russians who feel ashamed of and sorry for the collapse of the former Soviet Union has grown from a third to 45% year-on-year, the Levada Analytical Center said in a statement seen by Interfax.

Twenty-four percent said they felt ashamed of and sorry for the result of perestroika; the number stood at 20% a year ago, the pollster said.

Meanwhile, 87% of the respondents said they were proud of the victory in WWII, half were proud of the leading role of Russia in space exploration, and 45% felt proud of Crimea's reunification with Russia, Levada said.

As for today's role of Russia on the world stage, 88% said they wanted Russia to retain the status of a great power, while 10% argued there should be no such aspirations, the pollster said.

In the opinion of three-quarters of the respondents, Russia fits the great power status to one degree or another. Twenty-three percent claimed the opposite.

Levada polled 1,600 people older than 18 in 136 populated localities in 52 constituent territories in November and December 2018.