18 Jan 2019 14:11

Putin invited to Belgrade to attend consecration of Cathedral of Saint Sava

BELGRADE. Jan 18 (Interfax) - Russian President Vladimir Putin has been invited to attend the consecration of Belgrade's Cathedral of Saint Sava, which is being rebuilt with Russia's financial assistance.

During his visit to Belgrade on Thursday, Putin and Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic visited the cathedral, in front of which nearly 150,000 people had gathered.

Russian Academy of Arts member Nikolai Mukhin, the project's designer and the coordinator of a group of Russian specialists helping restore the cathedral, told the president about the project and showed him samples of the mosaic decorating the cathedral's interior.

Mukhin thanked Putin for his support of the project and said that everything would be accomplished if there is good "movement."

Putin said it had been decided to allocate additional funding for the cathedral's restoration.

"This decision has been made. The documents will be finalized in several days. A little over $5 million," Putin said.

Mukhin said he hopes Putin and Vucic will visit the cathedral.

"The president has invited me," Putin replied.

Putin has received the invitation, Vucic said, adding that the consecration ceremony may be held in September or October.