18 Jan 2019 20:32

Russian Foreign Ministry expresses concern over U.S.' plans to develop space segment of missile defense

MOSCOW. Jan 18 (Interfax) - Moscow is concerned with the United States' plans to develop the space segment of its defense missile and warns Washington against provoking an arms race in space.

"Provisions [of the Missile Defense Review] regarding the plans to develop the space segment of the U.S. missile defense are particularly disturbing," the Russian Foreign Ministry's information and press department said in connection with the recent publication of the U.S.' new Missile Defense Review.

"In addition to the improvement of sensors placed in orbit, the Review virtually greenlights the future deployment, as part of the missile defense, of strike weapons designed to hit various types of missiles on the boost stage of flight," the Foreign Ministry said in a commentary on its website.

"The fulfillment of these ideas will inevitably lead to an arms race in outer space, which will amount to utmost negative effects for international security and stability," it said.

The Russian Foreign Ministry has called the U.S. administration to "come to reason and finally abandon such irresponsible attempts to re-launch the notorious Reagan's Star Wars program at a higher technological level."