23 Jan 2019 18:24

About 1.4 mln ghost voters may be on voter lists in Ukrainian presidential election - Hrytsenko campaign

KYIV. Jan 23 (Interfax) - The campaign headquarters of Ukrainian presidential candidate Anatoliy Hrytsenko is worried that the voter lists on whose basis the 2015 elections were held will be used again for the presidential election on March 31, deputy campaign manager Mykola Katerynchuk said on Wednesday.

"This means that dead people might not have been deleted from the voter lists. This might signal a preparation for a major vote-rigging scheme in favor of the ruling candidate by using the ballots of the dead," Katerynchuk said at a news briefing in Kyiv.

The number of such "dead souls" might be as high as 1.4 million, he said.

Ruslan Chornolutsky, Hrytsenko's representative in the Central Elections Commission (CEC), has urged the commission to provide Hrytsenko with an electronic copy of the Ukrainian state voter register database verified by a digital signature, as envisaged by the law on presidential elections.

Chornolutsky said the CEC refused to comply with a direct-effect legal provision and referred to amendments made to its resolution, which prevents a candidate from getting access to the electronic database of voters to check whether individuals who have lost their right to vote are still listed

If the CEC does not provide access to the voter register on January 23, Hrytsenko's campaign headquarters said it would go to court.

Hrytsenko is a former defense minister and currently leads the party Civil Position. As of January 22, he is one of the 13 presidential candidates registered by the CEC.