29 Jan 2019 10:27

Musician Vakarchuk says he doesn't plan to back any Ukrainian presidential candidate

KYIV. Jan 29 (Interfax) - Famous Ukrainian musician and public figure Sviatoslav Vakarchuk, who does not plan to run for president of Ukraine, says he has no plans to support any presidential candidate.

"I have no plans to back any presidential candidate. What counts most for me, as a person who declares his wish to see real change in Ukraine, is not surnames. It is ideas that matter. But the main thing is their implementation. I think that it is necessary to assess good and bad deeds rather than good and bad people," Vakarchuk told Serhiy Rakhmanin's "Playing Classics" program aired on the ZIK TV channel.

Vakarchuk ruled out any possibility that he "can even start talking about support or non-support [of any Ukrainian presidential candidates] for the sake of some treats, some personal ambitions or dividends."

During the ongoing presidential campaign, all candidates will have a chance to show their worth to all of the voters, he said.

Vakarchuk said that he communicates with different politicians and government officials, including President Petro Poroshenko.

"My wish to see real change in the country takes up 90% of our conversations. For instance, when the first discussions on the Anti-Corruption Court even began, when it was not yet a requirement of the IMF [International Monetary Fund], and when there was no international pressure, a large group of people, activists, representatives of the civil sector, including myself, were thinking about how to bring an agency like the Anti-Corruption Court into existence," he said.